Welcome to Vehicle Key Solutions!

Vehicle Key Solutions was established in 2010. Delivering friendly and reliable service you can trust! We are one of the biggest Key Solution companies with vast knowledge and experience.

Prompt and efficient service at your fingertips.

We Specialize in:

  • Household Keys
  • Milling Keys, Tubular Keys, Cylinder Keys, Mortice Keys, Safety Gate Keys, Safe Keys, Post Box Keys and much more
  • Motorbike Keys
  • Replacement of most broken Vehicle Key Casings
  • Original Vehicle Keys with Remote are available on request
  • Diagnostic Coding of most Vehicle Keys
  • Vehicle Coding from the Computer Box
  • Transponder Reading and Coding of Remote-less Keys
  • Battery Replacement on all Vehicle Keys and Gate Remotes
  • Remote Button replacements
  • Most Original Centurion, ET, Digidoor, Sherlo Tronix and Sentry Remotes are available
  • We have Gate Remotes and Self-Learning Remotes available

Thank you for unlocking our potential!